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Cabo FAQ's | Beaches | Area Maps

Cabo San Lucas has many beautiful beaches both in town and away from town. The following is a list of beaches divided into "In Town Beaches" and "Away From Town Beaches" along the corridor from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose Del Cabo. This list is provided for your general information and orientation:


Playa del Amore: "Lovers Beach", as it translates, was voted one of 10 best beaches in all of Mexico by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Playa del Amore lies close to the very tip of Cabo and can only be reached by boat or a very difficult rock climb over rugged headlands. It is perhaps the most photographed area that appears in most ads of Cabo. At low tide you can pass through the famous arch (El Arco) to the Pacific. Swimming is generally safe only on the Sea of Cortex side facing the bay. This is also a popular snorkling area.

Playa Solmar: This long straight streach of beach faces the Pacific and due to heavy surf and strong under tow is perhaps a beach for sunbathing & joging. Most of the time this beach lacks people so if you want it quiet, you’ll only hear the crashing of waves pounding the sand. Access to this beach is via the road to Hotel Solmar.

Playa El Medano: "Dune Beach", as it translates, is perhaps the most popular "in-town" beach Cabo. El Medano runs several miles along the Bay of San Lucas from Hotel Hacienda beyond Club Cascadas and is perhaps the safest beach for swimming and other water recreation. On the weekends the beach is very crowded so if you plan to spend the day, go early and find your spot. There are palapa bars and restaurants along the beach and pleanty of venders so you can sun and shop at the same time. Access to this beach is anywhere from Hacienda to Casacadas.


These beaches are in the corridor from Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. Some of these are hidden coves or below sand dunes and not visible from the highway, Mexican 1. To gain access to these beaches the Mexican government has placed signs that say "Accesso a Playa" and sometimes the name is posted. We have listed the nearest Km. marker on Mexican 1 as you leave Cabo heading northeast toward San Jose Del Cabo for your reference. Be advised that not all beaches are suitable for swimming.

Playa Cemetario: This beach is northeast of Cabo and offers beautiful golden white sand and peaceful swimming without the crowds of El Medano. Access this beach at Km. 4

Playa Cabo Bello: @ Km. 6

Playa Barco Varado: "Shipwreck Beach" @ Km. 9-10

Playa Twin Dolphin: "Las Viudas" or "Windows Beach" @ Km. 11-12

Playa Santa Maria: @ Km. 12

Playa Punta Chileno: @ Km. 14

Playa Del Tule: @ Km.15

Playa Cantamar: @ Km. 16

Playa Costa Brava: @ Km. 17

Playa El Zalate: @ Km. 17

Playa San Carlos: @ Km. 19

Playa El Mirador: @ Km. 20

Playa Buenos Aires: @ Km. 22

Playa Punta Bella: @ Km. 24

Playa Arroyo Seco or Punta Palmilla: @ Km. 26

Playa Acapulquito: @ Km. 27

Playa Costa Azul: "Zippers" @ Km. 29, one of the best, long, straight stretches of beach near the Mykonos and La Jolla condominium projects. Probably the most dependable surfing area.

Always remember that the beaches can be very dangerous even for the best of swimmers and never turn your back on the ocean. Be sure to check weather conditions, as safety changes with the weather. Typically there are no lifeguards at the beaches. If you like to swim, the pools at the hotels are the best bet for safety.